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Getting Travis to Auto Push to GitHub

Following the advice given on the bookdown site, I use Travis-CI to automatically build my bookdown book and push it to gh-pages. I always forget how to do this, so I’m writing these notes to supplement what is already written there.

  1. Follow these instructions on GitHub to create a personal access token (PAT)
  2. Copy the generated PAT to your clipboard
  3. From the command line and within the root directory of your repository hosting the source of the bookdown, enter the following command:
travis encrypt GITHUB_PAT="paste_your_PAT_here" --add

Note 1: I’m not entirely sure that I need to generate a new PAT for each bookdown repository that I create, but so far this strategy has worked for me. Comments are welcome.

Note 2: that the PAT must be within double quotes. the --add flag will automatically add the encrypted token to the .travis.yml file.

Note 3: if you get some error about a bad interpretor, trying re-installing travis:

gem install travis