Methodological and Statistical Papers


  1. Simultaneous SNP selection and adjustment for population structure in high dimensional prediction models Bhatnagar, Sahir R, Yang, Yi, Lu, Tianyuan, Schurr, Erwin, Loredo-Osti, JC, Forest, Marie, Oualkacha, Karim, and Greenwood, Celia MT Submitted 2019 [PDF] [Code] [Poster] [Slides]


  1. Machine Learning to Predict Osteoporotic Fracture Risk from Genotypes Forgetta, Vincenzo, Keller-Baruch, Julyan, Forest, Marie, Durand, Audrey, Bhatnagar, Sahir, Kemp, John, Morris, John A, Kanis, John A, Kiel, Douglas P, McCloskey, Eugene V, and others, bioRxiv 2018
  2. Sparse additive interaction learning Bhatnagar, Sahir R, Yang, Yi, Lovato, Amanda, and Greenwood, Celia MT Preprint 2018 [PDF] [Code] [Abstract] [Slides]
  3. casebase: An alternative framework for survival analysis Bhatnagar, Sahir R*, Turgeon, Maxime*, Yang, Yi, Hanley, James A, and Saarela, Olli Preprint 2018 [Code] [Website]
  4. An analytic approach for interpretable predictive models in high dimensional data, in the presence of interactions with exposures Bhatnagar, Sahir R, Yang, Yi, Khundrakpam, Budhachandra S, Evans, Alan, Blanchette, Mathieu, Bouchard, Luigi, and Greenwood, Celia MT Genetic Epidemiology, 42 (3), 233-249 2018 [PDF] [Code] [Website] [Poster] [Slides]


  1. Gene coexpression analyses differentiate networks associated with diverse cancers harboring tp53 missense or null mutations Klein, Kathleen Oros, Oualkacha, Karim, Lafond, Marie-Hélène, Bhatnagar, Sahir R, Tonin, Patricia N, and Greenwood, Celia MT Frontiers in Genetics, 7 (137) 2016 [PDF]
  2. Joint analysis of multiple blood pressure phenotypes in GAW19 data by using a multivariate rare-variant association test Sun, Jianping, Bhatnagar, Sahir R, Oualkacha, Karim, Ciampi, Antonio, and Greenwood, Celia MT BMC proceedings, 10 (7), 14 2016 [PDF] [Poster]
  3. Assessing transmission ratio distortion in extended families: a comparison of analysis methods Bhatnagar, Sahir R, Greenwood, CMT, and Labbe, Aurelie BMC proceedings, 10 (7), 12 2016 [PDF] [Code] [Poster]


  1. Comparing alternating logistic regressions to other approaches to modelling correlated binary data Bhatnagar, Sahir R, Atherton, J, and Benedetti, A Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, 85 (10), 2059-2071 2015 [PDF]
  2. The perils of quasi-likelihood information criteria Wang, Yishu, Murphy, Orla, Turgeon, Maxime, Wang, ZhuoYu, Bhatnagar, Sahir R, Schulz, Juliana, and Moodie, Erica EM Stat, 4 (1), 246-254 2015 [PDF]


  1. Absolute risk estimation in a case cohort study of prostate cancer Bhatnagar, Sahir R Master’s Thesis, Queen’s University 2013 [PDF]

Substantive Papers


  1. Identification of new therapeutic targets for osteoarthritis through genome-wide analyses of UK Biobank data Tachmazidou, Ioanna, Hatzikotoulas, Konstantinos, Southam, Lorraine, Esparza-Gordillo, Jorge, Haberland, Valeriia, Zheng, Jie, Johnson, Toby, Koprulu, Mine, Zengini, Eleni, Steinberg, Julia, and others, Nature genetics 2019
  2. Assessing the readability, quality and accuracy of online health information for patients with Low Anterior Resection Syndrome following surgery for rectal cancer Garfinkle, Richard, Wong-Chong, Nathalie, Petrucci, Andrea, Sylla, Patricia, Wexner, Steven D, Bhatnagar, Sahir, Morin, Nancy, and Boutros, Marylise Colorectal Disease 2019
  3. Trends in cause-specific mortality in HIV-Hepatitis C co-infection following hepatitis C treatment scale-up. Kronfli, Nadine, Bhatnagar, Sahir R, Hull, Mark W, Moodie, Erica EM, Cox, Joseph, Walmsley, Sharon, Gill, John, Cooper, Curtis, Martel-Laferriere, Valerie, Pick, Neora, and others, AIDS (London, England) 2019


  1. Widespread epigenomic, transcriptomic and proteomic differences between hip osteophytic and articular chondrocytes in osteoarthritis Steinberg, J, Brooks, R, Southam, L, Bhatnagar, SR, Roumeliotis, T, Hatzikotoulas, K, Zengini, E, Wilkinson, JM, Choudhary, J, McCaskie, AW, and Zeggini, E Rheumatology 2018 [PDF]
  2. Results of a RCT on a Transition Support Program for Adults with ASD: Effects on Self-Determination and Quality of Life. Nadig, A, Flanagan, T, White, K, and Bhatnagar, S Autism research: official journal of the International Society for Autism Research 2018
  3. Impact of adipose tissue on prostate cancer aggressiveness–analysis of a high-risk population Delouya, Guila, Tiberi, David, Bhatnagar, Sahir R, Campeau, Shanie, Saad, Fred, and Taussky, Daniel Hormone molecular biology and clinical investigation 2018
  4. A Comparison of Pathologic Outcomes of Open, Laparoscopic, and Robotic Resections for Rectal Cancer Using the ACS-NSQIP Proctectomy-Targeted Database: a Propensity Score Analysis Garfinkle, Richard, Abou-Khalil, Maria, Bhatnagar, Sahir, Wong-Chong, Nathalie, Azoulay, Laurent, Morin, Nancy, Vasilevsky, Carol-Ann, and Boutros, Marylise Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery 2018