Holiday Party 2020 - Pandemic style.

photo of Sahir Rai Bhatnagar

Sahir Bhatnagar is a Biostatistician and Assistant Professor in the Departments of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health, and Diagnostic Radiology at McGill University. His work focuses on developing statistical methods for analyzing high-dimensional data in genomics and radiomics. He is a proponent of open-source software and has authored several R packages which have been downloaded over 100K times according to official CRAN logs. He enjoys working on multidisciplinary teams and has active collaborations with epidemiologists, colorectal surgeons, radiologists, and human geneticists. His M.O. is the bio comes before statistics in the word biostatistics, i.e., the biological question drives his methodological contributions.

photo of Julien St-Pierre

Julien St-Pierre, MSc

PhD Student (Biostatistics)

I am a second year PhD student in Biostatistics at Mcgill University. After completing my master in Statistics at UQAM, I have worked as a research assistant at CRCHUM before joining a clinical research organization as a statistical programmer. I am interested in generalized linear mixed models and penalized regression methods with an emphasis on rare-variants association tests. I am cosupervised by Dr. Sahir Bhatnagar (Mcgill) and Dr. Karim Oualkacha (UQAM)

photo of Jesse Islam

Jesse Islam, BSc

PhD Student (QLS)

I’m a PhD student in Quantitative Life Sciences.

photo of Zeyu Bian

Zeyu Bian, MSc

PhD Student (Biostatistics)

I am from China, currently I am a first year PhD student in Biostatistics at McGill University under the supervision of Dr. Sahir Bhatnagar and Dr. Erica Moodie. My research is focus on Dynamic Treatment Regimens (Causal Inference, Statistical Reinforcement Learning and Personalized Medicine) and Variable Selection.

photo of Kai Yang

Kai Yang, MSc

PhD Student (Biostatistics)

Kai’s research mainly focuses on computational methods for high-dimensional nonconvex sparse learning, which involves the development and application of continuous optimization methods on objectives from high-dimensional statistical machine learning models. Currently, Kai is interested in accelerated line search methods

photo of Jingyan Fu

Jingyan Fu, BSc

Masters Student (Biostatistics)

I’m a second year master student in Biostatistics at McGill University. I’m co-supervised by Dr. Sahir Bhatnagar and Dr. James Brophy. My current interest is in the Bayesian shrinkage methods and variable selection in high dimensional data.

photo of Cindy Leung Soo

Cindy Leung Soo, BSc

Masters student (Epidemiology)

I am a Masters student in Epidemiology and I previously studied Microbiology & Immunology (major) as well as Political Sciences (minor). My research currently focuses on using Bayesian regression to predict HIV infection in the South African context. I am co-supervised by Dr. Sahir Bhatnagar and Dr. Nitika Pai.

photo of Arthur Ayestas Hilgert

Arthur Ayestas Hilgert

Undergraduate Student

I am currently an undergraduate at McGill University pursuing a BSc in Computer Science along with a minor in Mathematics. My research involves helping build penalized regression libraries in R using C++, and the parallelization of algorithms using Nvidia GPUs. My interests include neural networks, linear modelling, applied linear algebra, graph theory, and GPU computing.


photo of Haoyu Wu

Haoyu Wu, MSc

previously: MSc Student co-supervised by Dr. Brent Richards
now: PhD Student, McGill Biostatistics working in Dynamic treatment regimes and Bayesian causal inference.

photo of Richard Garfinkle

Richard Garfinkle, MD, PhD

previously: PhD Student co-supervised by Dr. Marylise Boutros
now: Surgical resident, Jewish General Hospital

I am a resident physician in General Surgery at McGill University. Since completing an MSc in Epidemiology as part of the Surgeon Scientist Program, I am currently pursuing a PhD in Experimental Surgery at McGill University. My research focuses on the surgical outcomes of Colorectal Surgery patients, making use of large administrative databases, institutional data, and prospective trials to answer various clinical questions. Specifically, I am interested in the management and outcomes of patients with rectal cancer and diverticulitis. I am co-supervised by Dr. Marylise Boutros.

photo of Zhiwei Zhang

Zhiwei Zhang, BSc

previously: Undergraduate student
now: PhD student in Human Genetics in Dr. Simon Gravel's lab under the Kyoto-McGill International Collaborative Program in Genomic Medicine

Graduated from McGill with a Bachelor of Quantitative Biology, I studied the statistics from Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma with Dual Energy CT scans under Dr. Sahir Bhatnagar’s supervision. Dual Energy CT is a new diagnostic method that reconstructs scanning images at multiple energy levels. I investigated whether the additional information is better at identifying the tumour signal in comparison to conventional single energy image. I am currently a Human Genetics PhD student in Dr. Simon Gravel’s lab under the Kyoto-McGill International Collaborative Program in Genomic Medicine. I am studying how evolution affected patterns of variation encoded in our genome and among populations.

photo of Peter Her

Peter Her, BSc

previously: Undergraduate student
now: Masters student in Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto

My name is Peter and I majored in Pharmacology at McGill University. I was born in Montreal and love the winter. I was given the opportunity to learn the principles of data science with the help of Dr. Bhatnagar. While also applying them by helping out on a COVID-19 mobility project where I manipulate, visualize and analyze data.

photo of Mohan Zhao

Mohan Zhao, BSc

previously: Undergraduate student
now: PhD student in Computer Science, University of Toronto

I hold a Mathematics major and Computer Science minor from McGill University. Field of interests in Machine Learning and Database System. My Research is calling C++ within R to compute Tuning-free ridge estimators for high-dimensional generalized linear models to improve the spend and wrap it into a R package. I also have an ongoing research in Causal Inference mainly designing causal inference models for further practical applications.