I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health, and the Department of Diagnostic Radiology at McGill University. I am broadly interested in developing statistical methods for high-dimensional data using penalized regression methods. My current work is focused on penalized mixed models and non-linear interactions. I previously developped a methodological approach for identifying clusters of features that are sensitive to environmental exposures. I'm also interested in survival analysis methods, interactive plots, and reproducible research.


My research is partially supported by NSERC through a Discovery Grant and a Discovery Launch Supplement Grant, by CIHR through a Project Grant, by the McGill Initiative in Computational Medicine through a Research Match Grant, by CANSSI through the Collaborative Research Teams Program, and by Mitacs through an Accelerate Grant.


Research Opportunities

I have opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students to assist with various research projects related to high-dimensional data, statistical genetics, imaging analysis and software development. I am looking for students with a background in (bio)statistics and/or computer science and knowledge of at least one of the following programming languages: R, Python, Julia, C++, shell scripting, PLINK. I am also open to co-supervise epidemiology students and medical residents who are seeking to answer clinically relevant questions with large databases.

Click to read instructions before contacting me, or your email is likely to be ignored. I value people who are attentive to details.

Undergraduates at McGill: I welcome these emails, but they should include a CV, research interests, list of relevant course work, a transcript, and your programming experience. The subject line should contain the word "consideration for undergraduate research project" to indicate these instructions have been read.

Epidemiology graduate students and Medical residents at McGill: Include a brief description of your research interests and why you think I would be a good fit to be your co-supervisor.

Prospective graduate students: Please first apply and gain admission to the graduate program in Biostatistics, Statistics, Quantitative Life Sciences or Epidemiology. In your research statement, you should mention my name and state clearly how your research interests align with my research program. If you are admitted, then I'm happy to discuss supervision.