casebase: A Statistical Software Tool for Survival Analysis

This software is written in the open source software environment R. It's main functionality is to fit smooth-in-time parametric hazard functions using case-base sampling Hanley & Miettinen (2009).

This approach allows the explicit inclusion of the time variable into the model, which enables the user to fit a wide class of parametric hazard functions. For example, including time linearly recovers the Gompertz hazard, whereas including time logarithmically recovers the Weibull hazard; not including time at all corresponds to the exponential hazard.

The theoretical properties of this approach have been studied in Saarela & Arjas (2015) and Saarela (2015).


The software package is available on Github and can be installed directly from within R using the following commands (note: you will need the pacman package prior to installing the casebase package)